Sunday, March 2, 2008

Beannie pillow

It had been a long time since mummy logged in. Currently, going into 35 weeks.. Gonna get to see baby Xavier in another 5 weeks. Got a mixture of feelings. Happy, excited and scared(of pain) and sad.. cos I am going to miss the feeling of baby kicking and squirming inside me.. hee.. I wanna go for all natural without epidural. Dunno if its possible with my threshold level. Hahahaha...

On 1st march 2008, visited the gynea to see baby. He is growing well with a nice weight of 2.3 kg. Dr estimated that he will be around 3 kg at birth. Hopefully, I can still keep up with my appetite and make sure baby grows well.

Now on the way making a bean sprout pillow for baby and if there is excessive husks, can make one for the big baby, my BIL.. hahaha.. dunno if he wants it..

My mummy and I had been choosing out the husks from the heap of the remaining beansprout tails and to sun it to make it "crispy". Hard work but satisfying cos its for baby =)
My mummy was suggesting that I hand make thee pillows ofr sale since I cannot work as yet. Tot that it might be a good idea but its tough work.. Can consider lah .. hahahaha

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