Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cute Nursery Canvas Wall Murals !!!

Design No. 1
Design No. 2
Design No. 3
Design No. 4
Design No. 5
Design No. 6
Design No. 7
Design No. 8
Design no. 9
Design No. 10
Design No. 11
Design No. 12
These are some wall murals which I painted with the intention of pasting them on the wall beside little Xavier's bed. Hope that the brightly coloured animals can capture Xavier's attention. I saw from online, one mural is selling at least $40- $60.. Super expensive. So I thought of painting it myself to kill time.

Interested parties can also email me if you guys wanna order.

Pricing as follows:
Paper-like Canvas material (Soft), 20 cm by 20 cm: $ 10 per piece ($7 per piece if only black and white) .

Free Postage for 10 pieces and above !!!

Panel canvas material (Hard backing), 8 x 10 inch: $ 12 per piece ($9 per piece if only black and white)

Free postage for 10 pieces and above.

More designs coming up. Orders will only be confirm after payment is made. Pls allow one week for your orders to be processed as material is subjected to availability and time is needed to paint out the murals =)


Recently received an order for five murals. These are the new collections.. Check it out !!

Design No. 13
Design No. 14

The last design is a miror image of the one above.

Right now still have two more to go.. one piggy and one crabbie ... Do give your support should you are interested in getting 'em.

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