Friday, February 1, 2008

The Amazing Journey

On 11th Aug 2007, This was when I had the 1st scan and little Xavier was only the size of a small little bubble.

Horrible pregnancy symptoms:
Blackout and giddy spells due to dehydration, low sugar level and poor blood circulation.
Terrible vomitting
Loss of tastebud but strange enough mummy dun take sour stuff but spicy stuff instead.. haha..

For the 1st 3 months, mummy Serene was hit by terrible morning sickness. Imagine having to run to the washroom almost 8 times in an hour to throw up and the best part, the body is unable to take in food or fluid. As a result of repeated throwing up, mummy was admiited into KKH to be put on drips due to dehydration. Baby Xavier has grew a little. The scan was done to make sure the little darling is safe and sound after mummy is on the path to recovery. Date of scan: 20th August 2007.

Happy Birthday to mummy !! This was taken at Dr chong's clinic when mummy went back for review. Date of scan: 25th August 2007.

Note that baby has grew a little bigger and began to take his shape. Date of scan 21st Sep 2007.

During all these while, no travelling for mummy, as she advanced into the 2nd trimester, she has to eat every two hourly and mind you, it gotta be really on the dot. Anything more than the two hourly interval, you will see mummy running to the toilet and puking her lungs out.

Food intake: Mainly vegetables. Before being preggie, mummy is already kinda 'halal' dun take pork except for Bak Kut Teh and sweet and sour pork.. Funny right !! hahaah..hahaha.. Fish is definately out because of the fishy smell and chicken too !! Unless the chicken is real fresh.
Something amazing to note was mummy used to dislike soya bean milk but now its her favourite and a "must drink" everyday and gone were her favourite bbq chicken wings.. Mummy almost became a herbivorous !! And not forgetting Chee Cheong Fun and Nasi lemak with lots of chilli !!!

From the 4th month onwards, Mummy has been feeling better and more energized. Ony problem at times was too much saliva. I remembered I had to spit out the saliva ervy few steps I walked. That was really terrible.

All the way till about 7th/8th month, not much cravings though except for ICE-CREAM & CAKES. Yummy !!!! Mummy put on about 17kg but where has the weight gone to? Can't really tell much from mummy's looks. But mummy looks better with a bit more "meat" on the cheeks. Hopefully, mummy can maintain the current size after giving birth to baby Xavier and breastfeed as the same time. Cos they said breastfeed will lose weight !! I dun want !!! Hahha.. If I can maintain the way I am now but without tummy, it will be nice !!!

On 18th March 2008, mummy was in her 37 weekd 3 days, visited Dr chong for regular check up. Dr saw how hard the tummy looked and told mummy that he will do a cervix test to check for any dilation. In the end, Dr told mummy that the cervix had dilated 2 cm and will be delivering anytime !! Mummy and Daddy of cos were excited and nervous at the same time !! From then, mummy and daddy's standby mode was switched on and look forward to the arrival of little Xavier.

Dr told mummy that here will be bleeding after the cervix test is done and blur mummy did not ask to what extend the bleeding will be. From the moment mummy got home on that very night, after shower, in less than 2 hours, the liner was already full with bloody discharge. That night, mummy was so paranoid that she ould not get to sleep and the tummy was so so tight. Daddy on the surace looked so relax and calm. But he woke up at the slightest movement of mummy. Hahahaha....

The next day while taking shower in the morning, mummy keep discharging blood clots and was so scared that she called up Dr Chong again to ask if its normal. And both mummy and daddy wnt to clinic to visit Dr Chong again. Mummy was strapped to the CTG monitoring machine to monitor baby Xavier's heartbeat and also at the same time to check if mummy have any contraction. Luckily, everything is normal and both of us felt more at ease.

On 29th Dec 2007, Daddy Don took Mummy to attend Fish Leong's concert (Today's our valentine's day) Dress code to be dress in Red.. Lookout for Daddy in red !!

Family Chalet @ Downtown East on 16th - 18th Jan 2007
Seeing that poor mummy cannot travel anywhere, brother-in-law as such suggested getting a chalet..
Here's what the great cook Jo had came up with, CHECK IT OUT !!
Interesting set-up isn't it !! We caught some birds, skinned them alive and roasted them !! Nah, we aren't that cruel.. Its quail marinated in char siew sauce !! Simply yummy !!

Next, our great cook same up with BBQ-ing strawberries and the result was JUICIER strawberries !! She had also come up with BBQ-ing banana wrapped with bacon !! SHIOK !!

Next, Honey BBQ Wings done by Mummy Serene..

Mummy at work... Busy bbq-ing the wings..

Of cos not forgetting to take a pic with dear dear

Follow by a 2nd round of bbq the following day, got some poly classmates and some ex-colleagues for a small get-together. It's always nice to meet them again after a while. Soon, the three days of relaxation were soon over. Home sweet home !!

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