Monday, January 28, 2008

Buzzing Cashier !!

Today, I woke up earlier then usual at 7 am !! Guess where did I go ? Food tasting with Jo!! Seeing that I'm so free, she dragged me along. It's a Channel 8 variety show "Buzzing Cashier" hosted by Kym Ng and Quan Yifeng.

It's kinda like a restaurant makeover due to the poor culinary skills of the stall owner and he was selected to be trained under some experts for one month and afterwich, here we are to taste and pass comments on the turnout.

We are going to taste JAPANESE food at Blk 16 bedok South Road Hawker Centre.

And we were served with Fried Salmon & Chicken Cutlet Don together with a bowl of Miso soup to taste. Imagine me taking fried salmon for the 1ST TIME !! Cos I only eat raw salmon !!!

During the waiting time, I did not missed the opportunity to quickly take a snap shot with Kym.

By the end of it, we are supposed to vote by placing our bowl on the table should we decide to pass them or place it in the pail should we decide to fail. Needs 20 votes to pass and here's the verdict.....

He got 28 votes !!!  My thoughts; it is acceptable for hawker standard but the stall owner has got a long way to go to master to restaurant standard !!! But I gave him a pass though.

Check Buzzing Cashier out on Channel 8 soon !!!

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